The King of Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Great tutorials are hard to come across and ones with the unique ability to help you transform your videos into works of art are even harder. So to help you on your quest to create staggeringly professional movies, here is the very best home of Adobe After Effects tutorials.

If you’re unfamiliar with Adobe After Effects, it’s a post production software that allows you to add special effects and an array of amazing animations far beyond what simple video editing software can do. For example, using Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier Pro to place all your frag clips together in the order you want, and then after rendering/exporting the movie, you can then place it into Adobe After Effects for the final touches and text animations.

Andrew Kramer – Video copilot

“The ‘After Effects Guru’ As the host of over 160 tutorials and creator of title sequences for TV’s Fringe and the film Star Trek, Andrew has participated in many forms of production from visual effects artist, to directing commercials and promos. His website Video Copilot has been a progressive force in the visual effects industry with his upbeat training style and innovative plug-ins. His website also hosts a plethora of professional products, elements and artwork that you can use to give your movies a unique twist.” -imdb profile