Top 5 Comedy Counter Strike Movies

The funniest and best Counter Strike movies since the games creation. If you haven’t seen these movies, you’re in for a treat!


Counter Strike 1.6 – Pubmasters The Movie

The original, the godfather of Counter Strike comedy movies. Back when 1.6 had hundreds of bugs, and a small following of players who were up to no good. This is one of the oldest comedy Counter Strike movies, and which spawned some of the most random tactics for match making! If you enjoyed this one, you’ll be glad to know there is a Pubmasters 2 Movie!


Counter Strike 1.6 – Lollipops by Oui

Funny, inspired Counter Strike with good backing tracks follows Oui and his friends in all of their matches. A theme of accidental teamkills, bugs and one shots are prevalent throughout, which make this movie unique to anything else! Check out Lollipops 2 by Oui if you liked this one! 


Counter Strike 1.6 – moNstrous: Counter-Strike gone BAD

This has to be the very best of trolling in any Counter Strike game, I’ve never seen anything quite like it. It’s simply amazing, from start to finish. This is only the first half of the movie, follow the youtube link at the end on the video to see part 2.


Counter Strike Source – Phoon: Too much for zblock

Most of you will have seen this movie, it’s iconic. One of the very best, rage inducing movies ever created. A bunnyhopping, lucky one shot player with the audio of his enemies playing over the video it’s comedy gold to hear them rage down their mics. (If you don’t know what zblock is, it was a server plugin that was meant to stop players from bunnyhopping, which was relatively in 1.6. Evidently it didn’t stop Phoon, hence the name of the movie.)


Counter Strike Source – Return of Ajnin by Matt Green N1x1n

From out of nowhere, the comedy movie that rocked the editing world came to our screens. A full 25 minutes of hilarious footage, spliced with movies that complimented the frag movie perfectly. With clean editing throughout, a unique theme about merging channels on a TV, and a keen eye to make sure the audience’s attention was kept, this movie is one to watch, either for old times sake or to steal ideas for a CSGO fragmovie. Why not learn from the best!


That’s all for now folks! Hopefully you enjoyed the blast from the past, and I’ve given you some ideas for your next matchmaking, enjoy!