Nvidia Ansel: Capture Super High Resolution Screenshots.

New software to Nvidia graphics cards allows users to capture super high resolution screenshots, don’t think 4k think 61k!

Capture personally-framed free cam screenshots, adjust the field of view and rotation of the screen, add optional Instagram-style filters, and save to shareable filetypes with a single click. At any point during game play hit the Ansel hotkey and you’ll be able to capture stunning screenshots that were previously impossible to frame and snap. Create professional grade photographs in 2D, 360 degrees on your normal desktop and even in Virtual Reality.

Unfortunately at the moment, the software only has a limited number of supported games. These include The Witness, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Watch Dogs 2, Obduction, Mirrors Edge Catalyst, ARK: Survival Evolved, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and War Thunder. 

With the added update that more games should arrive in the future! With CSGO, PubG, League of Legends and Dota 2 being the biggest games on the market right now, if Nvidia are wanting to capitalise on market share they should be rolling out Ansel for these games too to catch a wider audience of gamers.


Here’s Linus from LinusTechTips to explain Nvidia Ansel better than a million words from myself ever could.

If you want to see Nvidia explain their Ansel project in a more, behind the scenes way, scattered with beautiful gameplay, then watch their own promotional video below.