Top 7 Royalty Free and Licenced Music Websites for your Videos

Finding the right music is hard, it’s even harder when you don’t know where to look! So I’ve created this Guide so you can browse free to use, no copyright (Royalty Free) and Licenced music for your movie. I’ve some sites that provide licencing just to broaden your ability to find the right music to compliment your movie, but the majority here all have free, easily downloadable music. Without using Royalty Free or Licenced music on your youtube channel, you run the risk of the audio being muted, thevideo being removed, or losing your ability to generate ad revenue from it.

While using royalty free music is great for your youtube videos and twitch as it allows you to put advertising on your videos, it may not be the best option for you. Signing up to a Network on youtube can also allow you to use their library of music, although signing up to a network has it’s own set of issues like sharing your revenue and contracts that last a minimum of 12 months. However, with the network option you will have a larger selection of more popular music both old and new which the websites below don’t have access to.

nocopyrightsounds –

A huge selection of House, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Hardstyle, Chillstep and Progressive Electro. Great for background sounds on low for your twitch streams, and if you want a fast paced fragmovie then you will surely find something to suit your needs.

Incompetech –

This website features a large selection of upbeat, comedic and ambience horror music for your stylistic projects. It is one of the largest providers of free stock music to youtubers, and is the staple music used on the channel “Dota watafak”.

BenSound –

Features Royalty free and Licence music with music genres of Pop, Electronica, Acoustic Folk, Rock, cinematic and Corporate. An easy website to use and to download from.

Purple Planet –

A very easy website to navigate, this website holds a large stock of Royalty Free music and the ability to buy a licence for you to use the other music. With a large selection, you will be able to browse multiple genres to find what you need.

Audio Block –

A huge selection, across almost ever genre of music.

Zap Splat –

This website features free sound effects, and free music. It doesn’t have a huge range that will benefit you, but you might get lucky.

Monstercat –

Monstercat is a Canadian independent record label based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The label focuses on electronic dance music and follows a regular tri-weekly release schedule. You can use their music once you purchase their licence, either on a monthly or yearly basis,they whitelist your youtube or twitch channel so the music doesn’t get flagged for takedown. I’ve supplied two links below so you can navigate to the correct page.


I hope this short guide helps you find the right music for your projects!

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